Random fanfic, one of many possible Saucy's!

“That picture. child?” The elderly headmistress of Legion Academy answered with an indulgent chuckle. “Why that’s none other than Saucy Jones, standing alongside Calorie Queen and Spider Girl.”

“‘Tyroc’s girlfriend?’ Oh child, if she was here and heard you say that, she’d slap you upside the head…” she said with a laugh. “It’s true enough she came from Marzal, but she wasn’t his girlfriend, not at first, she was his *arch-enemy!*”

“Well, let me tell it from the beginning, now. Settle down. Marzal is a special place, hidden behind a dimensional fold, it only appears here on Earth once every two hundred years.” The headmistress settles herself down in a chair, folding her arms as her memory drifts back. “It was an advanced society, and far below the island, there were the machines. The machines had been there for millennia, and some say they were Atlantean technology, that the entire island of Marzal was built by the Atlanteans as a way to escape Earth itself, and it’s wars and upheavals, but the Atlanteans, if they truly ever had anything to do with it, never used it.”

“The children of Marzal were taught to stay away from the machines, that only specialized technicians were qualified to maintain them, and that the passageways beneath the island contained other ancient mysteries, some of which were dangerous…” She chuckled again as her young students looked concerned, “But none of that mattered to young Saucy. She was an explorer at heart, and never met a rule she wouldn’t break. She found her way into the ancient corridors, and, found out that the legends were true. There were dangerous things down there, security measures that could end the life of an overly curious little girl! She ran and ran, lost in the dark tunnels, always one step ahead of the sentry machines, and found herself in the chambers of the Great Machine itself, the one that propelled the island itself through the dimensional fold, and the technicians there gasped as she stumbled into a console and shimmered and vanished completely.”

“No child, she wasn’t disintegrated. What kind of story would that be? And there’s that picture, so we know that she survived to grow up.”

“She found herself on Earth, thrown through time and space to a primitive time in the late 20th century, where a girl of her cleverness was able to capitalize on her advanced learning to make some sort of life for herself. All sorts of crazy adventures occurred there, it’s said, and she ended up making friends and foes among groups as diverse as the Justice League of America and the Secret Society of Super-Villains, after discovering that being thrown through time and space had left her partially out of phase with both. She could transport herself, only a dozen feet at first, and only a couple of seconds, but it was enough of an advantage that she could move through locked doors, or disappear right in front of gunmen.” The headmistress adjusts in her seat, and continues, “Oh, I’d like to say that she used these abilities for good, like a proper Legionnaire, but she was a scared girl trapped in a primitive time, far from her home. She used her powers to survive, and unwisely took things that did not belong to her. When I say that she met the Justice League, I did not say that she was *friends* with them, after all…”

“Through it all, she sought to gain enough money to buy a boat, and sail to the location of Marzal, where she hoped that her powers would allow her to breach the dimensional barrier and finally go home, even if it was a home that was 2000 years in her past…”

“Finally, after some trying times indeed, she succeeded, and found her way to the waters where Marzal would appear, in forty years or so. She stretched her powers to the limit, using a machine that she had built herself from stolen equipment, and despite interference from Aquaman, who didn’t understand why this young ‘super-villain’ was creating a dimensional disturbance off the coast of Africa, she succeeded, ultimately with his help, after she explained what she was doing.”

“She returned to Marzal, alright, but the exposure to the dimensional rift super-charged her powers, and sent her hurtling back into the future, to the point she’d left, where the same stunned technicians were surprised to see an adult woman standing where a child had disappeared, mere moments before!”

“After all that work to get home, she was hauled to the magistrates and sentenced for breaking Marzal’s highest law, breaking quarantine, and travelling to the outer world. And that’s how she become the arch-enemy of that stuffy fool Tyroc, the ‘Protector of Marzal.’”

“She didn’t stay locked up long, as her people didn’t account for her powers, and she simply walked out of confinement, to become a recurring thorn in Tyroc’s side. Still, they did find themselves working together, when Marzal was threatened, and he looked the other way and allowed her to escape on their last meeting as foes. She used the power of the Great Machine to boost her power temporarily, and escaped to Earth, where she blended in among the many peoples of Earth, just as she had back in the 20th century. Still, she fell in with bad people, and ended up working alongside some trouble-makers and angry young people who had been failed to meet the standards to join the Legion. And, contrary and headstrong as always, it was she who put the wrench in the criminal plans of the Star Alliance between Dr. Regulus and Starfinger, which is how she met the Legion as allies, at the end, instead of being remembered as one of their enemies.”

“At the end? I mean at the end of her life, child. Her powers over time and space came with a heavy cost, and she couldn’t continue on as villain or hero. She was made an honorary Legionnaire, but never got to serve, as her powers had turned her into an old woman, robbing her of the prime of her life.”

“And that’s enough storytelling for now, children. It’s time to get to class. We’ve got ethics to learn and xenobiology to study for!” the headmistress concealed a groan as she rose from the chair. Her body had stiffened up again from sitting too long, and only the Legion Flight Ring that lay invisibly on her hand allowed her to disguise the effort that the simple act of getting up required. As the children rushed ahead to the classroom, she brushed her hand across the picture before following them. “Good times, Saucy, good times.”