Legion of Super-Heroes fanfic



Once a Legionnaire (pre-threeboot LoSH #1, Ayla Ranzz, Dream Girl & Star Boy)

Genocide (set during S&tLoSH 25, Mon-El & Element Lad)

Arm Stays On Boy (set after S&tLoSH 27, Invisible Kid & Chameleon )

Interlude (set after S&tLoSH 30, Triplicate Girl & Brainiac 5)

Ghosts & Dreams (set sometime after LoSH #37, Phantom Girl & Dream Boy)

Smoke & Mirrors (another version of issue 50, everyone)


Lightning Saga, Lo3W, current run

Awakening (set after Glorith joins the team, Glorith, Brainy, Dreamy, Variable Lad)

Light Hearts, Lone Wolves (set before the Lightning Saga, Brin, Ayla, Tinya, Myg)

Shared Dreams (set sometime during Lo3W, Dream Girl, Dreamer& Dream Boy)

Family Matters (set during Lo3W, Blok, the League of Super-Assassins and the Fatal Five)

Of Legions & Lanterns (set after Lo3W concludes, Sodam Yat visits Shanghalla)

Pictures of People (set after War of the Supermen, Element Lad & Mon-El)

Fire Lad and the Dragon (of Space) (after Lightning Saga, Mon-E, Ultra Boy & Fire Ladl)

The Last Sun Boy Story (after Lightning Saga, Sun Boy and many others)



Beautiful Woman (anytime, Timber Wolf and a new, and yet old, character)

Brave & the Bold 3000 (30th century team-ups; Leeta 87 and Hate-Face!)

The Last Stand of the Fatal Five (post Baxter Legion #38, Tellus, Quislet, Matter-Eater Lad, Bouncing Boy & Duo Damsel)

Re-introducing; The Super-Companions? (starring, pretty much nobody you've ever heard of!)


Legion Worlds

Starhaven (anytime, Dawnstar & Ayla)

Bgtzl (Tinya & Jo, pre-dating)

Myar (after the death of Karate Kid, starring Projectra, Tellus, etc, & the Transformed of Myar)

Legacies - Krypton Girl (mysterious new Legion recruit and her ancestor)

Saucy Jones - Retrospective (Legion Academy students & their headmistress)

Saucy Jones - Lost in Time! (Saucy Jones & the Secret Society of Super-Villains)

Saucy Jones - And the League of Naughty Space Vixens! (A cast of dozens!)



N'gok of Okeno (Cos, Mon, Shady, Tinya, Gim, Gigi)

Princess Pain (Jacques, Tellus, Violet, Brin, Gim, Gigi)

Ultra Girl (Jo, Brainy, Imra and Ultra Girl)

Chemistry Lad (Wildfire, Dirk, Tinya, Dreamy, Jacques, Gim, Gigi)

Huntsman (Jacques, Shady, Tinya, Quislet, Gim, Gigi)

Kid Couture (Cos, Ayla, Gates, Dreamy, Gim, Gigi)

The Composite Supergirl (Cos, Violet, Jo, Ayla, Imra, Gim, Gigi)

Warhawk of Thanagar (Cos, Mon, Shady, Ayla, Gim, Gigi)

BITS of Legion Business 1 (Geography Girl / Weapons Lad)


Emerald Legion

Chapter 1 - A tale of a fateful trip...

Chapter 2 - Home is where you make it.

Chapter 3 - You have a hole in your mind.

Chapter 4 - Presenting, Kid Cosmos!

Chapter 5 - Dysfunction

Chapter 6 - Tell me of your homeworld, Usil.

Interlude the first

Chapter 7 - Practice makes perfect

Chapter 8 - Blood is 7.3 times thicker than water

Chapter 9 - Diplomacy, by Night

Chapter 10 - That which does not kill us, generally hurts

Chapter 11 - Way of the Warrior

Chapter 12 - The plot coagulates

Chapter 13 - Endings and beginnings

Chapter 14 - Curiouser and curiouser

Chapter 15 - Be it ever so green, there's no place like home

Interlude the second

Chapter 16 - Rokkfall

Chapter 17 - A tale of three Ranzzes

Chapter 18 - It's alive!

Chapter 19 - Something borrowed, something blue

Interlude the third

Chapter 20 - Long days journey into night

Chapter 21 - Lebensraum


Author's Notes - about the Emerald Legion-verse